About Agora Care

Agora Care is a healthcare IT company that offers a secure and patient-centric solution for long-term storage and easy access to medical imaging data.

Agora Care aims to shift the paradigm of data ownership by giving patients direct access to their imaging records and allowing them to store and share their data with healthcare providers and other individuals. Agora Care also allows patients to contribute to medical research and benefit from innovative treatments.

The problem

Most medical images get clogged up in digital archives of imaging centres that don’t connect with each other. Patients don’t have easy access to their data or control over their use.

And caregivers don’t always have access to results of prior examinations leading to unnecessary repeats of imaging procedures.

The solution

Agora Care collects data from imaging archives of different institutions and stores the data in a patient-owned account in secure data bank in Switzerland. As a result, patients can always access their medical images anytime anywhere. Also caregivers can have access to the full imaging records.

And hospitals, imaging centres and clinics can save on the cost and resources for communicating and retrieving imaging data.

The platform

Our cloud-based software is accessible on any platform (laptop, tablet, or smartphone), without the need for downloading an app. We provide a user-friendly viewer specifically designed for both caregivers and patients. It’s quick and easy to view medical images and compare changes over time with optional access to retrieve the full-resolution original data.

Supported platform devices

Our framework

The data bank of Agora Care connects to a pipeline that allows the extraction of curated and anonymous real-world data to researchers. So now researchers in Pharma, AI, MedTech and universities can have access to real-world data they need for conducting clinical trials, drug developments and validation of new therapeutic procedures.

The strategy

With patient consent, researchers will pay a fee for our services of data curation and for accessing our pipeline of real-world data extraction and analysis from Agora Care data bank.

This allows us to maintain services for clinical stakeholders, patients, and caregivers to use the Agora Care platform free of charge.

Our services

For patients, our service allows them to access any of their images whenever they need and share them with their referring physician or healthcare institutions.

For researchers, our platform allows them to solicit patients who consent to share their data for research through our pipeline of anonymisation and data curation. The participation of patients makes it possible to significantly accelerate research and to contribute to AI development.

For imaging centres, our platform allows them to save on the cost and infrastructure needed for communicating imaging data with other institutions and provide secure access to their patients.

Empowering patients and Accelerating research